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Marudhar Arts conducted the 1st National Numismatic Exhibition in Bangalore on 6th to 8th May 2011, and this year we conducted the Sixth National Numismatic in Bangalore in Feb 2015 which was renowned and publicized across the length and breadth of the country.

It was also deemed to be the biggest manifestation of coins across the country and dealers from all over the country were networked and put on a universal podium where they could liaise with the general public fraternity and showcase their collections to them. The First Numismatic exhibition was kicked off in much fan fare and gusto, inaugurated by Mr Deve Gowda, The Former Prime Minister of India and An Influential Politician of Karnataka.

Along with the First National Numismatic Exhibition, for the very first time in Asia we introduced a cent percentile online e-auction and a cumulative sale of Rs 68 Lakhs was achieved in the e-auction sale online. Then we developed new software in India for online auction.  And in a very short span of time we have reached the pinnacle of glory

We are also the first company in South India to be bestowed with a trade license from the Archaeological Survey of India. Apart from that there are plenty of feathers in our cap that we have garnered over the years. Some of which are:

Some of the highlights and the benefits of partnership with Marudhar Arts

* Organizers of India's 1st Real Time Live and Floor Auction on 1st Sept. 2013

 * Marudhar Arts is the most trusted name worldwide in numismatic & philatelic field.

* South India's 1st Auction House.

* Our reach is worldwide with collectors and organizations, Hence with such a wide and vast network you shall never fail to find a procurer/seller for your commodity.

* Marudhar Arts is a revered name in the field of numismatics and trade circles, just the mere mention of our name is enough to show that we have been dealing in only genuine antique merchandise from almost 50 years.

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