Coin collecting is an evolving hobby as more collectors continue to invest their time and effort into building their collections. Numismatics, as it is called, is emerging as a hobby, not just for the older generation, but new, young and emerging collectors continue to be drawn towards it. 

The hobby is also turning out to be a very powerful and worthwhile opportunity to invest and build a portfolio which is well-diversified at the same time consists of extremely liquid assets. The world over, Numismatics is turning out to be a great asset class, which has consistently delivered great long term returns over other asset classes irrespective of economic conditions. 

Remember, when you buy a coin, you are not just buying a valuable piece of history; you are owning an object which you can pass on to the next generation; retain it as a priceless family heirloom; for its antiquity and more importantly for its investment value.

Marudhar Arts has set up its specialized Investments service, under the leadership of its Chairman, Rajendra Maru along with Archie Maru and a professional team of Advisers and Consultants. The team can provide you with guidance and advise and, also help cherry-pick priceless pieces to help build your collection.

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