In commemoration of the milestone of our 10th NNE held on the 22nd-24th February 2019,
and to reiterate our lifelong commitment to fostering knowledge and lending encouragement
to the Philatelic and Numismatic community, we at Marudhar Arts have instituted a
fellowship in the name of Shri Prem Ratan Maru, our guiding light and fountainhead of
inspiration, who, through his lifelong dedication to his passion for stamps has lit up the path
and been a source of inspiration for so many who have followed.

This Annual Fellowship with a total Rs.1,50,000 will be awarded by us, to further the cause
of Philatelic and Numismatic Research, Studies and other Academic pursuits.
We invite all interested candidates to send us a detailed report along with the scholarship



2019 was a momentous year for us here at Marudhar Arts as 3 generations of The Marus celebrate 53 illustrious years of dedicated service in upholding the rich historical and cultural heritage.

In 2020 of we also organized the 10th edition of National Numismatics Exhibition, NNE. From its inception, organizing the NNE has been a source of great pride for us at Marudhar Arts and it wouldn’t have been possible without the encouragement and enthusiastic participation of the Numismatics and Philately community.

To enshrine this milestone in our history, We decided to institute the Numismatics - Notaphily- Philately - Autographs- National Numismatics Exhibition Awards, to honour those luminaries, eminent collectors and scholars who with their own originality, initiative and innovation have been committed to the cause of spreading the passion and made an unparalleled contribution to the field of numismatics, notaphily and philately. The NNPA-NNE Awards have been held annually since.